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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions along with other important information are cited in the related pages.

You can contact the customer support department if you have any query regarding points mentioned in Terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions outlined here are to ease your shopping experience. You must remember that by buying or placing an order means you have understood the terms and conditions.

Contact Us
You can directly reach us by using the “Contact us” tab. The tab immediately raises a ticket and allows the support team to answer your query.

Web Site Information

We always endeavour our best to guarantee that the product information on the website is appropriate. On the other hand, we do not guarantee that the medicine detail is 100%error-free.

We do not provide any warranty regarding the information and details that we have listed on our website.

Description Of Products : 

The description of the product that is listed on our website is final, but we have the right to modify or change at any time.

We have the right to change or modify the price of any medicine without any prior notice.  

FYI, all the items on the website are neither manufactured nor promoted by us in any way.


The price mentioned under each medicine is the final amount that you need to pay. If the price of the medicines is changed later, then it will not be applicable to the order that has been placed already.

The payment can be done in USD, GBP or Euros (it depends on the method of processing).

Delivery Of Orders : 

We will arrange for the delivery of your order at the address given by you. If in any case, there is a mistake in the delivery address given by you while ordering then we are not responsible for non-delivery of your shipment.

Note: If any customer places an order and changes or modifies the address within 28 days of placing the order then we are not responsible for non-receipt of the order.

Cancelling Orders
You can cancel your order before the order is dispatched from our office. We cannot cancel any order if it has been dispatched from our office.

We declare that all the products on our website are for personal use only and cannot be sold commercially in any open market.
All promotions and special offers on the website are usually for limited periods only.

Refund Policy
Please read “Return and Refund” page for brief information regarding refund policy.
Under the conditions, we may allow refunds:

  • We’re informed of refund request within 24 hours of placing an order.
  • We get the returned products within 7 days of receipt in exactly same condition i.e. same quantity and no damage to the package.
  • If the products received by a customer is a replacement or substitute of the ordered product due to a stock shortage, then you can return the package immediately and receive refund for it.
  • We are not liable to bear the cost of returning of the products.

Privacy Policy
Please check the “Privacy Policy” page for complete details.
The website uses cookies to remember the details and information concerning with regards to a valued customer's shopping cart.
We may also track the details such as the IP address of the customers, their time of visit, ISP and their preferred pages of visit.


By using our website for purchasing medicines, you agree to respect our terms and conditions.

We assume that you have read and understood all our mentioned “Terms and Conditions” before placing an order.

Currency Conversion Charges

If you make a payment from your credit card, then some credit card issuers may charge a small fee for making purchases overseas. This can be between 1-3% of the transaction amount.

Currency conversion: In the case of international transactions, you may have to pay a very small amount due to currency exchange values.

The customer has to bear this Forex Charge.

Note: If you have not received your order within 14 days, contact us!