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Can I return my medicine for a refund?

According to the Federal Law, it is unfortunately not possible for us to make a refund or exchange of prescription medicines. However, if your order has not arrived, or if it has been damaged on the way, we will resend it, of course at our expense. If necessary, we will give you a refund at …

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Is there a withdrawal protection for my order?

Customers who wish to cancel an order that has already been placed can do so as long as they have not been processed. In this case, please contact us immediately at +44 744-8434-917 If the order has already been processed, however, this can not be cancelled.

What are your shipping rates and how is data protection?

All costs as well as the shipping rates and the online prescription are already included in the price. If the order has been confirmed by us, it will be sent within 48 hours. The delivery time varies, however, according to the place of residence and that of the supplier. Nevertheless, we try to do the …

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Is it possible to buy kamagra in a store?

Unfortunately we only have an online store at the moment, but keep asking and we will have shops everywhere soon!

What are your security and data protection clarifications?

Your privacy and security are, of course, very important to us and this will not be put at risk under any circumstances. Our website uses industry standard security measures, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), including an encrypted order form to request information and manage the product transaction. We will of course record your e-mail addresses, …

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Is the sale of these prescription medicines on the internet legal?

Of course, the only exception to this are narcotics or other highly regulated medicines. All our medications we offer online are completely legal. This applies as long as they are prescribed by a certified doctor. The medicines offered by us are obtained from a legitimate pharmaceutical wholesaler, or directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, every customer …

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What is Generic?

Generic medicines contain exactly the same active ingredient as is contained in the well-known brand medicines. The developing pharmaceutical company can hold its exclusive patent rights. They may then make the medicine the only company after 20 years of discovery. After the end of this patent protection, other companies may also manufacture the medicine with …

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